Frequently asked questions:


How do I turn my sales challenges around?

The first step is to identify the problem. It could be your current sales process. It could be your people.

How does Pauline help?

In 2 areas: Pauline helps companies increase revenues and make better hiring decisions. Using proven analytical instruments, Pauline and her team help organizations focus on the priorities that will have the most impact on their top line. Pauline advises clients to take constructive action.

What is the format?

Beginning with either a human resource assessment, or a corporate audit, we’ll present either a workshop, one-to-one coaching, or corporate consulting.

How long does it take?

It can take a ½ a day, 10 weeks, or 3 months. The length will vary depending upon your challenges and goals. Most of our clients start with a small solution to address an immediate concern.

What can I expect in results?

Do you want more sales from your existing team? Do you want to decrease your selling time? Do you want different people in your organization? Are you planning to sell your company? Short-term results include improved communication, increased production, and clarity. Long-term effects range from increased revenues to streamlined processes.

How much do your programs cost?

Our solutions range from $295 to $3000 per person. Based on your objectives, solutions are customized according to your budget and timeline.

How do I start?

Let’s start with a conversation and see if there’s a fit. 778-227-8715.