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  • $195.00

    RevTurbo – Level 2 – The Fuel

    Level 2 Reference Guide & Workbook. Topics: Hot Connecting, 10 Ways to Close, Needs Assessments, Popping Proposals, Leverage Tradeshows. This workbook and reference guide provides the tools to inspire potential clients to buy from you, again and again.

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  • $195.00

    RevTurbo: The Engine That Drives Sales

    Reference Guide and Workbook. RevTurbo® is the selling system that lets you know exactly where you are in the sales process, and where your client is in the buying cycle. It provides the plan for marketing, selling and customer service processes.

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Precision Target Marketing - Find Your Clients with Laser Sharp Focus - $495

Identify precisely who your market is. Save literally hundreds of wasted hours with proven tools to clearly define the parameters of your target market. Stay on track with easy to follow instructions and keep your pipeline full with high quality clients-to-be.

Hot Connecting - Book Appointments & Overcome Objections Fast - $495

Don’t cold call! Warm call. Combining social media with the telephone is enormously effective for building your business, if you do it! The fact is that most people put the brakes on their success because they don’t overcome objections effectively. Learn how to make quality introduction calls to build confidence to win more sales.

Speed Qualifying - Separate Early Stage Buyers from Late Stage Buyers - $495

Quickly determine if there is a deal by identifying exactly where your clients-to-be are in their buying cycle. Discover the magic of carefully crafted questions. Probe into the four key areas that drive decision-making. Uncover quickly who all the players are and determine within minutes what to do next.

Super Scorecard – Quickly Assess Buyers’ Interest Within Seconds - $495

Tracking and forecasting opportunities can be the difference between increasing revenues and spinning wheels. Save precious time when prospecting and become more objective in the assessment of your opportunities. Learn how to use an exclusive business development tool to improve reporting.

Accelerate Sales – 9 Methods to Inspire Trust - $495

Unlock the secrets of marketing, sales and customer service. Build your own business development process by applying the tools that are most effective when inspiring your clients-to-be to commit. Steeped in 30 years of research in behavioral psychology, discover that buyers need only 9 methods to commit. From there, you will develop simple ways to drive revenues up.

10 Ways to Close – Help Buyers Commit

Obtain ten proven closing formulas that inspire buyers to say “Yes!”. Discover the 3 part closing system that today’s sophisticated buyers relate to. Help buyers make incremental commitments and become Clients-for-Life more quickly. Develop 20 closing statements that encourage your customers to buy today and tomorrow.