7 Selling Tips from the Sea – Part 1: Don’t Be Afraid

This summer I had the privilege of taking a two week trip on a 33 foot Sea Ray at the beginning of August. I had never slept overnight on a boat before. I have never been exposed to boating and the “boating culture”. I had never been up the western coast of Canada to “Desolation Sound”. I didn’t want to go.

As the journey unfolded, I began to realize that I was learning something. How we influence, and are affected by, other people directly impacts our lives. Indeed I’d go so far as to say that selling is a huge part of life, whether you choose to have the word ‘sales’ in your job title or not.

Over the next few blogs I’ll share with you what I learned on my summer sea voyage.

#1 – Don’t Be Afraid

Have you ever found yourself saying “No!” over and over again, when someone suggests that you try something new? “Try the cheese. You will love it!” You don’t like the look. You certainly don’t like the smell. But one day, you are watching your friends scoff down this aged milk product while making sounds of delight while their eyes are closed, and guess what? They love it! So you finally decide to try it. And, go figure, you love it!

Well, it was the same for me with respect to this 14 day boating trip on the sea. I was absolutely terrified. I told all of my friends that I didn’t want to go. I was trying to find excuses to not go. I was hoping that the weather would turn and the trip would be cancelled.

I was wrong. I was wrong on so many fronts. I loved the experience! I had a ball. It was an absolutely flawless trip. I had nothing to fear. I had the best sleep I have ever had 14 nights in a row. I saw spectacular scenery. I met wonderful people who were so helpful and giving. I found peace and quite. I was content, happy, and felt like a child.

Sales and business development are much the same way each and every day. Professional sales people must “go where no one has ever gone before”, in order to succeed, despite any fears they may have. It’s what we do. We talk to strangers. We have no idea what the outcome will be. We are explorers. And those of us who get over ourselves and push through the fear, end up realizing that 9 times out of 10, they had nothing to fear at all!