Is There Anyone Out There? – Social Media is Listening

With 3,974,101 posts per minute*, is there anyone out there? The answer is “Yes!” I am often asked, does marketing on Social Media really lead to revenues? I cannot tell unless we tie an actual campaign to results. However, I do know that posts are being read. Whenever anyone posts anything on Social Media, people take notice.

Three months ago, I posted on my personal Facebook page that I had signed up for BCIT’s introductory course in Interior Design. I took the course for personal reasons (I am an interior design junkie), but the reaction I received on Facebook surprised me. Some people thought that I was switching careers. When I thought about it afterwards, it made sense that my post would be interpreted as an announcement of leaving my bread and butter behind in the pursuit of different dreams. Why? Because, well, that’s what people do on Social Media. They let people know that something has changed in their life.

On LinkedIn three weeks ago, I accidentally pushed the “post” button when I wasn’t 100% finished updating a past career from 1985 on my profile. Oops! I didn’t realize my error until my inbox began to flood with “Congratulations!” from members of my team and people I haven’t heard from in years.

Yes, Social Media does work if you wish to announce to the world that something is new or different in your life or business. If you are looking for social media to make you money, let’s talk.

*Source: Baila Baila Lazarus, Media Consultant