Lifestyle Selling for Women

For years, women have struggled with balancing work and life. Women are realizing that working hard will not take them to where they want to go. We are constantly looking for ways to streamline our efforts to find more time, and additional resources, to find that balance.

Let’s Start with the Facts

Women of all ages are increasingly turning to entrepreneurship. There are 10.4 women in the United States that are self-employed. 70% of women in the US are responsible for all private start ups. In the United Kingdom, 70% of women started their business because they wanted more flexible working conditions. 75% of these women said work-life balance is better when running your own business. In Canada, the Center of Women’s Business Research reports that 60% of self-employed women are “Lifestylers,” a term used by them to describe business owners who have chosen self-employment specifically to balance the demands of work and family. 70% of Canadian women entrepreneurs are married and nearly 1/3 have children under the age of 12. Being in business for yourself provides flexibility. It can also shape the life of a person, both professionally and personally, in a very positive way. Women are increasingly taking advantage of the opportunity to be self-employed.

Lifestyle Selling for Women provides you with a simple 3 step system to build your business. Filled with templates, tips, and resources this best selling book will help you sell more in less time.

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